1. The odds of winning are much better than with other lotteries.
  2. There are several different ways to win, including the jackpot and secondary prizes.
  1. You have to pay taxes on any winnings, which can amount to up to 45% of the total prize in some countries.
  2. Even if you do win, you might not get the full jackpot amount because it is often split between multiple winners.

Play Euromillions

The EuroMillions lottery began in 2004 and includes the lotteries of several European Union countries, such as France, Spain, Ireland (people from the UK can still play). Jackpots are typically over 100 million Euros, with the largest jackpots running as high as 190 million Euros (168 million pounds). There have been many winners who became millionaires all over Europe! The largest ever individual win was by a woman in Ireland back in 2005 who won €115,436,126 (£77 million). Wow!!!

To play EuroMillions the player must choose 5 numbers out of 50 and 2 “lucky stars” numbers from 12. The lotto drawings take place every week on Tuesday and Friday in Paris. There are also “Super Draws” with a guaranteed jackpot amount (usually €100,000,000), plus special events like the UK Millionaire Maker that guarantees a new millionaire is created every week. Who wants to be a…? YES!!

So, do you have your winning numbers ready? Feeling lucky? Shoot for the stars now!

Lottery Numbers' Quick Picks

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