Lotto 6/49 has been taking place since 1982. The game is one of the two Canada’s national lotteries and the first lottery allowing the country’s residents to pick numbers in a lottery slip. Previously, number combinations were pre-printed and couldn’t be chosen.

  1. The odds of winning are typically very good, at 1 in 13.9 million
  2. There are often several million dollars in prizes available each week
  3. The payouts are usually quite generous, especially for smaller prizes
  1. Con 1
  2. Con 2

Lotto 649 is the biggest lottery game in Canada, where it has been played by millions of Canadians every week for decades, since 1982! The weekly prize is typically several million dollars. There are also variations, such as “Atlantic49”, for different regions of the country.

To play Lotto649 you must pick 6 numbers and a bonus number, as well as the option to play “TAG” for an additional chance at winning a seperate prize. You win the JACKPOT if you get all the numbers right, or a lower amount, depending on how many numbers you pick correctly.

The jackpot is always at least $50 million and grows from there until there is a winner and the bonus is a guaranteed $1 million prize award, giving a better shot than some of the other lotteries out there. That’s 2 shots at becoming a millionaire! Plus, you get a prize for matching at least 2 numbers, so your odds are pretty good to win something. Players can also participate in regional variations of the game, such as “Atlantic49”, for different parts of the country.

It’s a fun game and very popular, so why not get in on the action?

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